2000 Families – an origin-based study

A Multisite, Multigenerational, and Origin-based Study of 2,000 Families. Migration is an article in the NORFACE Paths of Exploration publication.

The article by 2000 Families researchers Ayse Guveli, Niels Spierings and Sait Bayrakdar  outlines the motivations for the project and the contribution it is making to our knowledge and understanding of migration.

It goes on to explain the research design of the study, the data that has been collected and to outline some initial findings and conclusions from the project.

Intergenerational relationships in old age

Intergenerational relationships in old age: Turkish families in Turkey and in Western Europe is research which explores the consequences of international migration on family relationships of elderly migrants.

Published in German and freely available in the Social Science Open Access Repository, the research compares intergenerational relationships among migrants from Turkey who live in Europe with those among non-migrants who never went abroad and a third group, transnational families.

2000 Families researcher Helen Baykara-Krumme’s article indicates more intense intergenerational relationships in migrant families as compared to families in Turkey, but lower agreement with norms on intergenerational solidarity among the former.