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Ethnic capital and educational outcomes

Does Ethnic Capital Contribute to the Educational Outcomes of Individuals with Turkish Background in Europe? is a chapter in The Young and Elderly at Risk, a book of empirical studies reflecting on when and why the young and the elderly are at risk in European countries.

2000 Families co-researcher, Sait Bayrakdar investigates how ethnic capital, calculated here as the percentage of parent’s friends and colleagues who are from the same ethnic background and the language spoken between parents and children, shapes the educational outcomes of the study’s participants in Germany, the Netherlands and France.

The findings show that where parents have a high percentage of co-ethnic colleagues, this has no clear effect on educational outcomes of their children, while having a high number of co-ethnic friends and speaking the language of the sending country at home decrease the children’s chances of higher educational outcomes. The effect is most noticeable in Germany where late starting age of schooling and early age of tracking are two main features of the educational system.

Book showcases first findings

A book showcasing the first research findings from the 2000 Families project has now been published.

The book looks at how Turkish migrants, their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have benefited from moving to Europe by comparing a range of outcomes to those of Turkish families who stayed behind.

From the jobs they got to how they got on at school and university, their relationships with friends and family to their attitudes towards religion, marriage, gender and Turkish culture, the book provides a fascinating insight into the lives of the Turkish diaspora.

Lead researcher on the project behind the book, Ayse Guveli, said:

‘Migration is a life-changing experience not only for migrants themselves but also for those left behind. Our unique approach and the unprecedented  data we have collected from 2000 Turkish families and their 50,000 family members reveals the true impact of migration across many aspects of their lives.’

Intergenerational consequences of migration: Socio-economic, family and cultural patterns of stability and change in Turkey and Europe is written by  Ayse Guveli, Harry B.G. Ganzeboom, Lucinda Platt, Bernhard Nauck, Helen Baykara-Krumme, Ṣebnem Eroḡlu, Sait Bayrakdar, Efe K. Sözeri, and Niels Spierings.

The book is published by Palgrave Macmillan.