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Returning, staying or both?

Returning, staying, or both? Mobility patterns among elderly Turkish migrants after retirement is research looking at when and why long-term migrants stay or leave their destination country.

The article, by 2000 Families researcher Helen Baykara-Krumme uses the data to look at the movements of the study’s participants when they retire; whether they stay in their destination country, permanently move back to their country of origin or go back and forth.

The study finds that transnational migration is common among participants aged 65 or over. Key factors in a permanent return to Turkey are owning property there and religiosity.

Transmigrants and stayers in Europe have intense transnational ties with a strong attachment to their country of origin.

Intergenerational relationships in old age

Intergenerational relationships in old age: Turkish families in Turkey and in Western Europe is research which explores the consequences of international migration on family relationships of elderly migrants.

Published in German and freely available in the Social Science Open Access Repository, the research compares intergenerational relationships among migrants from Turkey who live in Europe with those among non-migrants who never went abroad and a third group, transnational families.

2000 Families researcher Helen Baykara-Krumme’s article indicates more intense intergenerational relationships in migrant families as compared to families in Turkey, but lower agreement with norms on intergenerational solidarity among the former.